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The M6 is a smaller counterpart of the M8 which offers our professional users with another powerful portable illumination choice with its practical functions and small size. 

Specifications and Features :

  • Uses CREE XM-L (U2) high power output LED
  • The body is made of T6061 T6 aluminum alloy in Mil-spec type III hard-anodized (matt black) finish, which significantly strengthens the anti-wearing and anti-corrosion features.  The Head and tail bezels are made of S304 stainless steel, which further increases the impact resistance and hence overall durability of the product
  • Aluminum alloy reflector with mirror-like reflective surface for maximal reflectivity and focusing power
  • Strengthened glass lens with two-surface anti-reflective coating for ultra high light transmittance and transparency
  • Standard (forward) click tail-cap switch
  • Water-proof (standard IPX-8)
  • Stable current-regulated output with wide input voltage range of 2.7- 9V
  • Battery type: 18650 x 1 or CR123A x 2 (note: the flashlight will become hot with CR123A batteries)
  • Special head-controlled 2-level output (and strobe mode) design:
    • Head in tightened position: high output (100%)
    • Head in loosen position: low output (10%) → strobe → repeat (press the tail-cap switch slightly or re-activate the flashlight to switch between the two modes)
    • When the flashlight is turned off for ≧ 3 sec, it will remember the lastly used output mode and go to that mode direct when being turned on again
  • Lumen rating and runtime (with 18650 x 1):
    • 100%: 600 lumens, 110 minutes
    • 10%: 60 lumens, 20 hours
  • Low battery voltage alert function: when the input voltage drops to 2.8V, the light will automatically switch to the candle mode (8 lumens)
  • Built-in reversed battery polarity protection circuit
  • Length x diameter (head, battery tube, tail-cap): 142 x 36 x 25.4 x 29 mm
  • Weight (without batteries): 142 g

Users may purchase the corresponding Solarforce accessories based on their preference and needs, to use with the M6:

  • Tail-cap Switch (tactical, forward clicy, ready-to-stand-on-tail and pressure tape switches): L2-S6, L2-S8, L2-S10, L2-S11, L2-S12, L2-S14, PTS-4
  • Extension Tube, for multiple battery configuration: L2-E18 (18650)
  • Nylon Holster, delicate and durable: FH-1, FH-6, FH-8
  • Lanyard Ring, made of stainless steel, delicate and durable: L2-LR1
  • Tripod connector: SC-1
  • Battery Charger: SF-16 (16340), SF-18c (18650)
  • Batteries: CR123A (primary lithium battery), S18650-P, S18650P(V4) (rechargeable li-ion battery)