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One of the most powerful flashlights of this size.

Specifications and Features :

  • Uses a powerful replaceable incandescent halogen bulb, imported from USA (IH-1200)
  • Uses three 18650 rechargeable li-ion batteries to release power of more than 30W
  • Max. output at 1200 lumens
  • Aluminum reflector with light orange-peel-textured reflective coating
  • Aluminum alloy construction in military grade (HAIII) coating, up to 60um in thickness
  • Standard click switch
  • 350 grams (without batteries)
  • Size (length x head diameter x battery tube diameter): 291 x 72 x 25.4mm
  • Weight (excluding batteries): 350g
  • Length x diameter (head and battery tube): 291 x 72 x 25.5mm

Users may purchase the corresponding Solarforce accessories based on their preference and needs, to use with the L600:,

  • Tail-cap Switch (tactical, forward clicy, ready-to-stand-on-tail and pressure tape switches): L2-S6, L2-S8, L2-S10, L2-S11, L2-S12, PTS-2, PTS-3
  • Nylon Holster, delicate and durable: FH-2
  • Lanyard Ring, made of stainless steel, delicate and durable: L2-LR1, L2-LR2
  • Flashlight Mount, made of aluminum alloy: M-001, M-013, M-014, M-015
  • Battery Charger: SF-18 (18650)
  • Batteries: S18650-P, S18650P(V3) (rechargeable li-ion battery)